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Electronic Blocks

These Electronic Blocks you need to make a complete CD-Player out of the CD-Pro2LF!

The standard version: CD-Pro2LF drive assembly + display board + power supply
This version is meant for customers, who would like to develop and build external electronics components themselves. The CD-Pro2LF has a DA converter with audio output stage on board. An enterprise without external wiring is however not meaningful, because the output stage of the internal DAC is not perfect and in the output originally lies electolytic condensers. The digital output is not galvanically separate, which can perhaps cause problems with the following stage. Remedy creates here only external electronic components. Those offer the further versions.
The digital out of the CD-pro becomes with the additional digital output circuit: „digi out “, article number: 21004 over a transformer galvanically separated and an output buffer for a stable voltage ensures and also a longer cable can be drived to the DAC. Additionally the output is extended by a AES/EBU connection.
Altogether the two circuits would revaluate the CD-player extremely and make it to a high end equipment, which can measure with often much more expencive players. External DAC´s can be connected also by the AES/EBU connection. Thus the sound improves again.

More improvements:
If one wants to take the maximum out of the player, an external DAC is the correct choice. The orignal digital signal contains much jitter and should, before reaching the DAC released from the jitter.
The jitter-killer executes a re-clocking of the signal. The following stage of the DAC can work by this enhancement more cleanly.
Afterwards the signal can be brought to 96khz and 24 bits by the upsampler for getting out more further details.
The external DAC takes over now the work and gives the signal of absolute peace and naturalness. The instruments are positioned again on the far stage. Voices and instruments win at realness, bodies and outline.

The CD-Pro 2LF module of Philips. It is characterised by very good error correction and its robustness. The transport consists of a die cast metal housing! and the very high-quality scanning unit. The transport is well-known for its quality and since many years already in this form is built. The mechanics developed and receive nevertheless again and again an update.
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High-End Power Supply: Plug and Play modul
offers a high quality standard,
Voltages 5V,9V,18,5V and 21V


New power supply:
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The display PCB: control and display everything around the CD-Pro

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digital output stages: s/pdif or AES/EBU

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jitter killer for s/pdif output

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